Frontier Airlines
Integrated campaign

The year was 2020. I was broke. But I had to get across the country.
I found a ticket on Delta for $400. Then I found a ticket on Frontier for $200.
Naturally, I booked that one. 

The flight wasn't spectacular, but it got me there. 
After landing and reuniting with my buddies, I had forgotten the flight completely.
Perhaps the old adage is wrong. It's not about the journey. 
It's about the destination.
Web banners
Coasters & table tents
Found in airport bars, reminding passengers why they (should have) booked with Frontier
Location-based coasters
Imagine the possibilities...
this coaster is for Vegas casinos:

Go ahead, spin that roulette table! You flew Frontier. 

Out of home
"Frugal Flyer Miles"
App extension
The Frugal Flyer Miles page of the Frontier app rewards passengers for saving on the flight by offering further savings on attractions, lodging, and dining. Because we should spend more on the vacation than we do getting there. 
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