Experiential, interactive
The Fight for Tomorrow Interactive Experience

Public travel increases your risk of getting sick. So we want to raise awareness for Airborne's preemptive defensive power by setting up an interactive gaming experience in major airports. This way, potential consumers can "kill germs" while they kill time on a layover (and post about it)!
Out of home
Inside a major hub airport, posters will recruit players and guide them to the experience.
Signs like these guide potential players to the experience:
Arrival at "Mission Control"
This is the entrance to the Airborne lounge where players will gear up before the game.
Naturally, people will post about the mysterious world they're about to enter.
This is the augmented reality filter where players see their suit of armor
Inner chamber / battlefield gateway
When ready, players enter the game hall here.
The game begins
Gear up, activate 'laser tag' style rifle, and prepare for battle
The high-score medal
It comes with free Airborne for the flight, of course. 
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